Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails Top Coat

What a mouth full.
Recently, I was stalking the beauty section at Walmart, like I frequently do ;), looking for a new top coat. I was already way over my limit for what I wanted to spend on my Wally World trip so I was looking for something a bit cheaper than Seche Vite, which I have been using for a while.

I picked this up at a steal of about $3 in change. On the ride home I was thinking... I hope this isn't going to be just a cheapy top coat like most. Well, with just the first use I was thoroughly impressed!

It gave a really nice glossy finish to my nails, making them look like smooth colored glass, which I loved! It dried super quickly, which is a MUST for me! After a few days I had noticed no chipping and my nails were hard and strong, just as this product claims to make your nails.

This top coat kept my manicure for days with no chipping or peeling, unlike Seche Vite which I can easily just peel off within one day! I think this Top Coat is much better than Seche Vite, especially since it's only a fraction of the price!

I've heard such beauty bloggers as FleurDeForce and MissGlamorazzi raving about Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat, and some other of Sally Hansen top coats, but I figured that with those ones being $5-7 and this one only being $3, I wouldn't be getting a quality product, but this top coat is a must have!

I doubt I will ever buy Seche Vite again, unless it's on sale. This top coat has replaced it for me!

Hope you enjoyed.

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