Monday, June 6, 2011

Review: Cherry Culture

Hello friends! Today's review is not for a product, but a website. For those of you not familiar with Cherry Culture, it is a website that sells many different make up brands ranging from high end brands like Jelly Pong Pong and Beauty Blender sponges to drugstore brands like Milani. They also sell some brands that you can find in dollar stores such as LA Colors, which I don't really bother with.

The main reason you usually hear people talking about Cherry Culture, though, is for there huge range of NYX products. They might actually have the whole NYX line on their website. Anyway, the best part about Cherry Culture is that they sell NYX products for less than you see them on the NYX website or at ULTA, and it's always a plus for me when I can get the same product for less!

Cherry Culture not only has frequent sales on loads of their items, but most of the items are being sold at sale prices 24/7.

Cherry Culture should be an option for everyone looking for products from Beauty Blender to Sinful Colors. It makes finding products that you can only find in certain areas simple! For example, I've been searching for these Milani eye liners that I couldn't find in any stores near me that sell Milani, I found a quick fix from Cherry Culture!

Cherry Culture offers a great rewards program in which they give you one point for every dollar you spend. For every $250 you spend, which is quite easy ;), you receive a $10 gift card! That may not seem like much, but it is a lot more than what the NYX website will give you!

They also offer free shipping on orders over $40, for registered members, which is so simple to do, and US residents, and also a 25% discount for any order over $300 ! Which I appreciate because, as said before, it is so easy to spend spend spend on their website.

I just bought a massive haul worth of products form Cherry Culture and they should be arriving any day now. I think if you are looking for NYX or other drugstore brands, for cheaper than usual, check out Cherry Culture, which is linked above, and if a sale isn't going on on the products you are wanting to purchase just hold off for a couple weeks and check back because I'm sure they will have a sale soon!

Hope you enjoyed this long and thorough review lol.


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