Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Review: St. Ives Green Tea Scrub

Hey friends! Today I've got a review of a product I've been testing out for about a month or so now.
So, I picked this up at Walgreens about a month ago and I got in the small travel size. I smelled it in store and thought it was the most amazing scent so I had to get it. It was roughly $1.69. I looked around the face wash section for a bigger bottle, but they only had the travel size so I picked up several because they were only 1oz!

Anyway, I did figure out that there is a full size, very reasonably priced at $5-7.

Now on the the review. This product claims to that it
Clears breakouts and reduces redness Salicylic Acid Acne Medication With 100% Natural Green Tea, taken straight from the website. I noticed this product has much finer granules in it than the apricot scrub that I've been using religiously since I was 13. These granules actually seem to get deep into my pores and clear out my black heads even better than my apricot scrub made specially for black heads!

The smell is gorgeous. Very light and fresh. It doesn't necessarily smell like green tea, but more of a melon fresh fruit scent, which I adore.

This product, as previously stated, claims to reduce redness, which I have some of on my cheeks. I haven't really noticed a reduction in my redness, but it is helping my skin feel soft, smooth, and black head and breakout free.

I only have a few cons. I tend to chew on my cuticle area when I get bored or nervous, terrible habit but I do it, and when I get this scrub inside those "wounds" I guess you could call them it stings a little bit, but probably due to the fact that the granules are half the size of sand!

The only other con being I can't find the full size in any of the drugstores in my area! Hopefully I'm not looking hard enough though.

I do adore this product and although it says it's safe too use everyday, because it's not very abrasive, I like to switch it from day to day with my regular apricot scrub! :)


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